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Alex Sorokina

Nutritional Therapist,  

DipCNM, BSc (Hons), mANP

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Improve Your Health,
Make Your Dreams Come True

I help couples achieve optimum health for successful pregnancy: 

  • Have you been trying for a baby...

  • Or are you planning for a baby and would like to be as healthy as possible before conceiving?

  • Or are you pregnant / postpartum and would like advice on optimal nutrition?

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I can help you: 

Conceive a healthy baby naturally / prepare for IVF

Be in optimal health before conception, during pregnancy and post-partum 

Resolve any longstanding hormonal issues 

Discovery Call

Let’s have a chat – book a free call to find out how I can help! If you require a slot outside my availability, please use the contact form to get in touch.


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“As I fell pregnant I wanted optimal nutritional advice for pregnancy as well as support with my immune system. Following Alex’s recommendations, I was sure I was getting all the right nutrients for myself and my growing baby. In terms of immunity, I never had an issue again, not even after coming into contact with flus and colds.

Lina, 37

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy seeks to:

  • identify the underlying root cause of your symptoms

  • prevent a potential condition and 

  • restore and maintain your optimal health

In-depth medical history: I spend 1hr with you at our initial consultation gathering your medical history incl. birth, vaccinations, significant life events, family history, medication / supplementation, diet incl. prep & shopping habits and lifestyle. 

Body as a whole: I look at the body as a whole, seeking to identify linkages between your symptoms across the whole body, to identify the underlying cause of your issue.


Tests & Interpretation: I interpret any existing blood test results against optimal ranges & often recommend further tests (e.g., blood, stool, DNA) to pinpoint the root cause quicker.

Latest science & You: I review the most up-to-date nutritional and lifestyle research to create a hyper-personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation protocol.

Food first: I favour the food-first approach, as many foods have therapeutic effects e.g., bamboo shoots contain fibres to help remove excess oestrogen; dandelion root helps increase bile production for toxin removal; oily fish improves our immune and reproductive health. Food is our medicine! 

Supplementation second: In many cases high-quality supplementation may help restore your health quicker e.g., myo-inositol helps with blood glucose regulation and encourages regular cycles, calcium d-glucarate helps conjugate and remove excess oestrogen etc.   

Working with your GP / specialist: Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and I frequently work alongside GPs / specialists to support my clients.  

What support will I get?

Ongoing support: Making considerable changes to your nutrition and lifestyle may be overwhelming. So, I work on a package basis, to provide you with weekly support, answering any questions and motivating you to stay on track. 

How soon can I expect results? 

There is no magic pill when it comes to the holistic health approach. It will all depend on untangling the root cause of the issue and applying realistic, achievable changes.

As a rule of thumb, assuming you follow the recommendations, it may take your body 3 months for each year of you being unwell, to heal.  


Who is Nutritional Therapy for? 

  • If you are keen to get to the root cause of your issue 

  • If you are ready to make changes to your diet and lifestyle 

  • If you are open-minded and ready for new information, perhaps different to the conventional claims 

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My Story

Changes in nutrition (both mine and my partner's) have played a key role in us conceiving, blessing us with a now 2-year-old son Connie and a baby girl on the way. 

My experiments with the chia seed puddings and the likes started about 10 years ago. It took me another several years and a lockdown to realise I was craving more: more knowledge of how our body works and most importantly how exactly different foods can help us heal our body.  

So I joined the 3-year Nutrition course at the London’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) while working full-time at one of the big 4 consultancies. Of course to find out within a week, that I was pregnant with my first baby.

Fast forward 3 years, 200 clinical hours and countless research papers later, I finally sat my final exam. Finding out I’m expecting our no. 2, just a few weeks earlier... and being made redundant at the same time – faith! 

I am trained in all areas of health. But my true passion is fertility and hormonal health. The intricacies of all the processes, the perfect design of our bodies!


I work with a variety of women’s health issues, incl. fertility / pregnancy, PMS, PCOS, thyroid health. I also support clients with diabetes, fatigue and IBS.