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Male Fertility

Starting a family can be a stressful experience if it's not going to plan. It can be isolating, confusing and overwhelming, to say the least. But fertility issues on the male side are more common than it may appear: 1 in 14 men is affected, making it 60 million men globally!


The reassuring news is that the sperm cells are very sensitive to the internal and external environment. So making changes to your nutrition, lifestyle and possibly adding sensible supplementation, can lead to significant improvements in as quickly as 3 months - this is how long it takes for the new sperm cells to be generated.

Nutritional Therapy:  

  • Seeks to identify the underlying root cause of your symptoms 

  • Sees the body as a whole, where all symptoms are interconnected 

  • Identifies nutritional insufficiencies to help resolve symptoms 

How does it work in practice?

Step 1: Your inputs:

An in-depth online consultation (60 mins), gathering information about you:  

  • Full medical history

  • Medication & Supplementation  

  • Family medical history  

  • Diet  

  • Lifestyle 

Step 2: Additional Testing

To help pinpoint the issue quicker, additional testing may be recommended e.g.,  

  • STI checks  

  • Hormones

  • Vitamin & Mineral status  

Step 3: Hyperpersonalised fertility plan for you on:  

  • Nutrition  

  • Lifestyle  

  • Supplementation  

Step 4: Follow-up consultation - to track progress / introduce further changes  

Discovery Call

Let’s have a chat – book a free 30-minute call with me to find out how and if I can help!

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