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Keto diet may improve fertility in women with PCOS

ketogenic diet helps with fertility in PCOS

Keto diet for PCOS: Preliminary data, published in the Current Nutrition Reports, indicates that very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet (VLCKD), aka keto diet, can be considered an effective dietary intervention for the short-term treatment of PCOS symptoms incl. fertility.

Keto diet promotes rapid weight loss, with improved body composition and metabolic profile (waist circumferences, fat mass, blood glucose, HbA1c and HOMA-IR), and improvement of insulin sensitivity - fundamental aspects in the pathophysiology of PCOS.

Keto diet improves fertility in PCOS: As a result of these changes, ketogenic diet may be lowering testosterone levels in women with PCOS, thus improving fertility.

Seek support: Given its complexity, this dietary intervention must be recommended and guided by a qualified professionals in the field.

Source: Barrea L, Verde L, Camajani E et al. Correction: Ketogenic Diet as Medical Prescription in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Curr Nutr Rep. 2023 Mar;12(1):65. (PMID: 36792839)

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